Tech Lead follows a systematic and rigorous procedure for recruitments, in sync with theĀ tech industry practices. Realizing the crucial importance of successful recruitment, we pursue an organized, efficient and practical methodology.

To comprehend the specific requirements of our clients, we get acquainted with their needs by meeting them in person. This gives a crystal clear idea of what is expected from us and the desired skill-set to be considered before starting our hunt for the right candidate.

After understanding the roles and responsibilities of the prospective candidate, the search process starts. A long list of matching resumes are reviewed and selected. Further short listing of the candidates leaves behind a list of most potential and appropriate candidates,

Connecting to our Common Goals who meet the desired requirements of the client.These short listed candidates are contacted and a pre-interview check is conducted. Meanwhile, the client is informed about the short listed candidates.

Next, our client interviews the most eligible and short listed candidates. Finally, our clients then inform us about the selected and successful candidates, who are updated about the positive feedback by us while auto-mailers are sent out to the rest of the unsuccessful applicants. Once the salary negotiations are over we assist you with the employee management.

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